Home (Noun)
the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of the family or household.
Isn’t this the usual definition that we have been reading since God knows how long. But, as they say ‘7 billion people, 7 billion minds’, the definition of home differs and varies from person to person. However, in general, home relates with comfort, peace and your personality. Why would you not want to make it look the best?

You might find great arte facts and everything for your home, but they all seem so dull without the right lighting, don’t they? Magik Lights, the front runners in LED home lighting in India, has just the right LED light solutions for home. Ranging from LED lamps to flood lights and tube lights to bulkheads, Magik Lights has a product for every nook and corner of your home. Its entire range complies with international measures of Ingress Protection. LED lights for home are IP65 rated, which means these lights are waterproof and dust proof. Here are a few picks from their wide range to suit your needs:

1. Maximo LED Lamp:
This lamp is big, bright and stands out with its durability. The design allows an even distribution of light and a wider beam angle. Install Magik Lights’ Maximo in your store rooms or bed rooms for the perfect lumen.

2. LED Button Spotlight:
Bring focus to your shelves and artefacts with this bright spotlight. A light so strong, it draws attention to details in an instant.

3. Helio Slim, LED Panel Light:
Available in both round and square shapes, Helio Slim Panel Light is installed in the ceiling and has unparalleled illumination with great lumen and low dispersion of light. Helio Slim is available in 3 colour temperatures and can be installed in your study rooms and drawing rooms or halls.

4. Arena, LED Bulkhead:
Arena is a perfect lighting solution for your dark backyards and driveways. With robust design and awe-inspiring brightness, Arena Bulkhead shines on and on, without requiring maintenance.

5. Stream, LED Strip Lights:
It’s the little things that make the difference. Stream, shines bright despite the size and can be used in many creative ways and not just for cove lighting. Be it the stairway or your drinks counter at home, Magik Lights’ Stream brings out the beauty of any space you install it in.

These are a few must have products from Magik Lights’ which you can use and feel the true magic of lighting and the essence of beauty. Do check out their entire range at: https://www.magiklights.com/magik-solutions/home-solutions.html